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Welcome to the unofficial blog dedicated to Takeo Watanabe !!!

About him : Takeo Watanabe was a japanese musician born in 1933. He composed many musics for commercials,movies but he is mostly famous for the musics he wrote in the 70s for girly animes (Candy, Rémi, Heïdi, …). His style is caracterized by great gloomy melodies and rich arrangements using many instruments (piano, acoustic guitar, strings, vibraphone,…). Takeo Watanabe died in 1989.

About me : I’m a 42 years old french fan of Takeo Watanabe. I met the music of Takeo Watanabe when i was a young boy in Candy Candy’s anime broadcasted on french TV. I decided to create this blog in order to share all the (rare) informations about this musician.

About my blog : I will post on my blog arrangements of Takeo Watanabe’s music (for original music, I encourage you to buy Takeo Watanabe’s CD : you will never be disappointed). As a pianist, I will also sometimes offer my own arrangements of some of his musics (My arrangements). 




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